This is a photo of the picto door of Nieck! I use Velcro© on the door, where I hang the picture cards. Every night Nieck and I hang up the cards for the next day. Then he knows exactly what happens the next day. He likes this very much because he has an autistic disorder and he cannot handle changes. This way he gets a lot of structure and visual schedule. This he clings on to...

You can also add a little comment, so we know how you work with the picture cards....

Do you want to share your pictures with us? Send them to us, to let everybody see how you use your picture cards!


Two pictures where you can see how Fleur and Tim use the boards with pictograms.
On the magnet board, they stick the cards with clips.











From Mariska de Graaf we recieved some photo's from her son: Diego. (6 years)
He has Pdd-nos, and the autism picture cards are a big help. She makes the schedule for a day, so he knows what he can expect.

We changed the texts on the 3 trainingcalendrs for her.

The first calendar (on the right) is Diego's calendar of his behaviour. When he behaves good, there's a little present or suprise for him. This works very stimulating. Ofcourse we made these butterlies for them.

The second calendar (on the right) is for her daughter Asilah (13 years). She has no autistic disorder, but her daily schedule calendar is a good solution to see what she has to do every day. Here she uses a pink butterfly.

The third calendar is for the whole family, so the parents and children can see when and with whom they go to a sportsclub!





We get this photo from one of our VIP members... he sends a mail, writing:
  "Greetings of big giant Wonder fans"

                     R. Wijnen






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Teacher Marion:
Below there are moor more examples of how I use the picture cards:
on the labels for the notebooks; on the board to make the rules clear; on the tables to remind the children the good way to hold their pencil;
for remembering how to work good: what do I have to do, how do I have to do this, I'm going to do this; I look at my work: I have also printed this on paper so they can cross this off for children who need this the most.




Picto-boards of Ashley and Davy.



(Grade 3)  Teacher Marion:
Every day we hang our cards on the board, so the children can see what we are going to do. They are very happy with this, but oh no.. if I forgot to change the cards:
"Teacher, are we going to do the same thing again!"