What are Autism Picture Cards? (also called PECS)

Autism picture cards are pictures placed in a frame, which portray subjects or acts, with or withour text.
Autism Picture Cards are often used for persons with autistic related disorders.

Why use Autism Picture Cards?

Autism Picture Cards give visual support and structure, and are pedagogical and educational learning tools.
It's a communication tool thats stimulates the development and independence.
Autism picture cards give a better overview of a day or week for children with various
communication and learning
They bring structure and a visual schedule of daily activities.

For many an indispensable product for people with: ADHD, PDD-NOS, Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, and all other related autism disorders.


Who use these Autism Picture Cards?

Ofcourse everyone can use our picture cards, but after closer examination we'll see that it's mostly used by:

- Play, -day centre for pre-school infants
- Primary education
- Special, -denominational education
- Physical and mental care for the disabled
- youth care institutions
- Counseling
- Speech therapy institutions
- Remedial teachers
- At home

What do I have to know if I use these autism picture cards?

Structure is important. Important is to make a good overview of what's gonna happen
during one day. It depence on the child how you have to use these picture cards.

For example:
* the card: "dress" can be enough, but for another child you maybe have to use more then this like:: "dress", "underpants", "vest", "socks", "sweater.... etc.

With activities it can be enough that you can show "the activity" with a card, but another child maybe need more, to know when it starts and when it will end.

Activities with a clock on a picture card.
One clock will point out the time when the activity starts, and the other one when it's time to stop.

Regularity is very important for children with autistic disorders, so prepare them for changes during the day. Autism Picture Cards are a perfect tool for this.
Everybody will grow and function better if they get a compliment, but with children with a disorder it's very important. Compliment them a lot! And never forget to reward them with their achievements!


Important when you use Autism Picture Cards!

Picture cards have to have a clear message! The picture and text have to be immediately understood.

No vague lines of drawing, no capital letters, can be very important for children who will need this cards.

Indistinct pictures can be confusing.

We recommend not to use the same picture cards for different activities.
Also if you alter the text. Because they placed allready this picture with a certain activity or subject, and this can be very confusing for a child.
For example: "shoes on" and "shoes off" must be two different pictures.

Too much on a picture card will be nice to see, but it can work distracting, and the purpose of the card will fade away.

Humour is allowed, and clear and beautiful colours make these cards cheerful. But also this is depending on a child. It can also be distracting. That's why we have the option: REQUESTS - to ask for this in black and white or new picture cards.

Take the time to introduce new picture cards.

Using a planningboard (or taskboard /picto-board), and tell your litte "miracles" by hanging
these cards on the boards, what's gonna happen the next day or week. So this is visible for them to see  and they know what's gonna happen.
To take the time when you use these cards! This will bring rest for children and parents.

To experience this like a "funny" happening, and maybe to reward them with a diploma, the  whole family will enjoy and grow when they use picture cards.

For some it's important to use different cards for every activity or subject!
Example: With the card: "shoes on" Don't use this to let them to take their shoes off.
Also if you alter the text, because the picture is still related for them to: shoes on.

Sometimes children can take a cards literally. Like if "Wonder watching television, but on the card he is lying on the floor, the child will do this too.
So you have to see what your child needs and how you use them. You can always send an e-mail
to us, because we can easily make a card for you that "Wonder" sits on a chair!

"Every child is miracle of a wonder, no wonder that is the biggest miracle"  Soural