Pay attention if you have a hotmail address.
They cannot recieve a lot of
KB's, especially with large orders.!
We always try to send these mails once! So it's better to use a different address then HOTMAIL, then you are sure that you recieve an e-mail back!
You can write your name in these name labels below, to use this together with your Autism Piscture Cards. A personal name label for children is really fun to see. You can write your name in it yourself, or let us do this for you, with the same type of letters that we use on our picture cards. (this is a free service)

                              We only put NAMES in the namelabels, so don't send us other texts.

Pay attention:  If you want us to fill names in these labels, you have to use the e-mail address below!

Click on the picture: Air-Mail, if you want us to put a name on these namelabels.  Let us know what number and name you want to recieve.....(this is a free service)

(Names will be copied exactly how you send us, so pay attention if you use capitals!)













If you have a VIP membership, you will find 49 namelabels on our VIP pages!


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